Kors for Goop

Familiar with Goop? I'm a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow and signed on immediately to receive emails from her website, which has evolved into a lifestyle go-to offering tips and highlights on a well rounded spectrum of anything and everything a modern girl could be interested in. 

Her latest highlight- a deliciously reinvented selection of Michael Kors favorites. All of it modern, edgy and timeless. I had to include my favorite pieces, top of the list being the camel leather tote. Unfortunately the clothing didn't come in a 0. And the heels? Sold out. No surprise. Mr. Kors, please make the tote in black! The tote is a personal must have.


Kors Chained

I'm one of those, one of those shoppers trolling around at the Outnet at a specific time Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays eagerly awaiting what they're releasing, and pouncing within seconds to get my hands on limited items at discount prices. 
Hesitation is my vice, and today was that day. So quickly doing a web search I found the needed validation to grab this chained leather jacket from Michael Michael Kors. 

I was fortunate enough to have found a San Fran blogger who infact featured the jacket. Gal Meets Glam provided all the help needed. While at it I threw in a Nixon Falcon watch that had been sitting in my wishlist since a couple of weeks. Both pieces will fill a gap in my wardrobe. It was a good shopping day.


Break away to Brighton

A 5 day trip to visit family near Brighton was exactly what I needed. I would have loved to have seen more. For sure the next time.


in love with MARCO BOLOGNA

Red, jeweled hearts and below the knee lengths.....Not much more to say really. 
I love it!

Choose from a selection at farfetch.


Marant pour H&M Stash

 Everything: Isabel Marant pour H&M

One thing that surprised me although it shouldn't have, everything was generously sized. So much so that 2 out of 3 coats didn't fit. I was swimming in them. And they don't come smaller. Although I was in luck, the navy boys coat in a 158 was a perfect fit. Fortunately a navy pea coat was on my wish list this season. 


Isabel Marant pour H&M Mayhem

 H&M Alsterhaus Hamburg

I did it, I braved the elements, got up at 4:30 am and trecked my way down to Hamburg to discover if I could get in and get my hands on ANY covetable pieces. Lesson learned: I should have gotten up at 3:00 am. This was my first ever attempt to get in on an H&M designer collaberation, wasn't really sure what to expect. Although getting there 15 minutes before opening did win me a yellow bracelet which preserved my entrance at 10:00 am. So a two hour wait. 
I did my best to hang on the side versus the back to squeeze in when the door actually opened. Much gentle pushing and shoving ensued, and my goal of taking photos in doors was basically out the window. Every 15 minutes allowed a group of buyers to be coralled in a designated corner and it's first come first get. I was quite disappointed to see that actually much if not most (desirable) was already gone. The fringed boots and tie dye jacket were no where to be found. Lace tops and dress-gone. Double breasted dark gray coat-gone. You get the picture. But on the bright side, I did grab within 5 minutes three other coats and a couple other goodies.....to be shared soon.



What a naughty blogger I am! Actually it's obvious, havn't blogged in a while. Life has such crazy twists and turns. It changes so quickly. So it's made blogging more of an after-thought than a priority.

I'm catching up still from buying and buying and buying. Let's just say my better half wasn't happy with last months credit card bill. But Chloe Alice at 60% off and grabbing one of the last pairs of Balenciaga Ceinture boots offered on Balenciaga's webshop was too tempting to pass up. Above retail on eBay isn't an option. Now add a pair of Balmain jeans from the Outnet yesterday spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. (Hope they fit.)

The Topshop leather jacket purchased last season was one of my best buys, and the Arty in rosegold and deep navy matches the darker shades of my wardrobe well.


Isabel Marant's Memphis Boot

I was completely thrilled to be in touch with MyTheresa at the right time to pre-order the highly anticipated Memphis boots from Isabel Marant. I'm just thinking though, "Too much?" Is it too much? Too much bling bling and yee-haw? I dunno. Thinking..........


topshop outfit craving

I'm craving some new spice in my life. I especially love the Woodland Bomber Jacket. Real leather and embroidered flowers are the perfect match. The tapestry trousers are sold out in my size in a normal length but Petite is also available. Extra cropped! Love the overall Autumn feel.


Studded Military Paraty

I made a very unexpected purchase on Monday. It arrived quickly and I'm in love! Just not in love with the price tag. One bag in, three bags out. Sacrafices are sometimes a must.
The Paraty.... already around since a while and doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. The new military style was an interesting twist. I just didn't get the color combos offered. Odd really. But this baby hit the scene and I was like "WHOA!" It would be a dream to get one. Then MyTheresa stocked them. As I didn't think anyone in Europe would offer it, instant pouncing was neccessary. She's a perfect match with the studded Susanna boot and fits my wardrobe perfectly.


Marant Military Flair

Loving the look and want it now! Find the Isabel Marant David coat at Matches Fashion and the Bauer cropped velvet trousers at Net-A-Porter.


farfetch give-away

Stella McCartney Falabella at Farfetch

So I got an email from Farfetch offering a Falabella give away. Uh, yeah! Sign me up!!! The soft rose pink is really gorgeous and would go nicely with so much in my wardrobe. Take a look at other Falabella bags offered at Farfetch. They have a fantastic selection! Sign up here for your chance to win this lovely bag.


solestruck sale

Solestruck is offering a sale of 40% off just today. The selection is crazy! Although I don't need anymore shoes. I'm drawn to the Ego and Greed. Sounds bad doesn't it?


zimmerman suits me

About a year ago this gorgeous swimsuit was on sale at NAP, (and sitting on the fence as I often do) it sold out!!! Disappointment was an understatement. I snagged the last one that spontaneously showed up on The Outnet a short while back. Despite the fact that it was quite difficult to squeeze on (I heard seems popping) and my rear-end looked less than flattering in it, I'm not sending it back! It's the motivation I need to get myself back on the treadmill and using my Brazil Butt-Lift DVD's. I need to pick it back up off the floor if you know what I mean.....


needing a home

A spontaneous walk around our house yesterday evening brought us an unexpected surprise. The distant frantic cries of a kitten. The kind of cries that expressed desperation, lonliness and extreme hunger. He was cautious and notably relieved to have found someone. We live in the country with few neighbors and lots of forest land. My guess, 12 weeks old and either lost or abandoned. Fortunately I had a spare litter box and lots of food on hand. Although our resident cat was less than hospitable, we can manage our new guest for now. I was going to post a recent purchase, but instead decided to take the opportunity to share our new little friend. I'm always happy to open my arms to anything screaming at my back door for food and shelter. Kitty has given back to me 10 fold what I've given to him the last half day.

I couldn't help but photograph his swirl print. He has one on each side and it's literally a full swirl. He's by far the most snuggly cat I've ever had the pleasure of being aquainted with.


shoes anyone?

getting rid of it!

I decided to clear out. I mean really clear out. If it's not being worn, why hold on? So I've pulled over 30% of my shoe collection out and I'm selling off. You're welcome to take a look. I'm really trying to thin out, and I'm buying less too. My walk in closet got an overhaul last week. It was messing with my chi, ya know? In fact the whole house got a work-over. Gotta have positive energy.


france anyone???

For my anniversary Mr. Maryjane surprised me with a trip to France. I was first led through the house with a series of clues to find the next "mini-gift". It was the most amazing gift anyone has ever given me. Pics to follow soon......

P.S. Johanna, I tried to leave a post on your blog my darling. I must have done something wrong. I'll be writing soon. So much to catch up on! And your updated blog is simply fabulous!!!


bucket bag

1. Alexander Wang Diego bag from Farfetch

2. Alviero Martini bag from Forzieri

3. Marni Porthole terry cloth bag from The Outnet

One of my favorite bag designs, the bucket bag. This beautiful vintage Kenzo bag from Vestiaire Collective sadly sold before receiving the email notification of featured items. I've since been on the hunt.


the kitty flat

Last season I fell for the really tall wedge version. But now that I'm switching over to more practical styles of shoes, the kitty flat was a no-brainer. Problem this time around is the selection! Too many fun colors to choose from. With so much black in my wardrobe, I can't go wrong with the obvious. At the present though, only the green is in my size on Charlotte Olympia's site. I need a pair! Yes, need.

Pink, royal blue, red, black????


short hair muse

 I was excited to see a top model step up and sport a shorter do for more than one season. I've spent the last 4 months debating should I cut or go longer? When I go shorter I feel the regret. When I grow it out, it ends up in a bun almost 24/7. I think I need to go for it again. Long hair is so safe and predictable. I love love change. Gotta admire Arizona Muse and her forward push with cropped and short do's.

 But as a teen I had an ongoing hair crush on Meg Ryan. I don't know if anyone did short hair better than she did. Not since and probably not ever. Her mid 90's chopped locks were envied and really timeless.


pullover season

Pullovers are seriously lacking in my wardrobe. I can never commit to one. Always fussing over how it will wear, will the material wad up into those little pilling balls?  But I'm loving the selection so far this season. Not only what Topshop is offering. A pair of boyfriend jeans from Shopbop and studded boots are the perfect wardrobe staple for any season, day or night.


new arty line-up

Ok, atleast a line-up of some of my personal favorites. My current collection consists of 4 already. But I've found them to be a fab staple to my wardrobe. I'm wearing a lot less jewelry these days. But what I do wear, I want to stand out. And that's exactly what these rings do.

I'm loving too the new rose gold option. You can find a couple of them at Net-A-Porter including the one shown below.