new arty line-up

Ok, atleast a line-up of some of my personal favorites. My current collection consists of 4 already. But I've found them to be a fab staple to my wardrobe. I'm wearing a lot less jewelry these days. But what I do wear, I want to stand out. And that's exactly what these rings do.

I'm loving too the new rose gold option. You can find a couple of them at Net-A-Porter including the one shown below. 

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Johanna - Life by Me said...

Love the red one! And the white one on the right... Oh, who am I kidding, I love them all, haha!

I love that your blogging again too :)
I just moved my blog to this adress, and a new domain is coming up. I didn´t feel comfortable with johannabolmgren.se. Somehow, it felt to personal. I really liked my first domain, myshoebox.se, but since I hardly ever blog about shoes nowadays, that name feels misleading.

How are you? I hope you are well. I´ve been meaning to email you, but I can´t seem to find the time, and I don´t know what to write about. I hardly ever shop for myself anymore (and haven´t since i got pregnant) so I never have anything new to show you, and I´m afraid you´ll get bored... I just recently found my lust for shopping again, so now I just have to find money, and things I feel comfortable in. I can´t believe it took me 1,5 years to be (somewhat) comfortable in my new body! It feels like everyone else can fit in to their old jeans right after giving birth...

Oh, this is turning in to a long comment, sorry!

Hope to hear from you, in comments, blog posts or email :)


(Btw, are you on facebook or instagram?)