Studded Military Paraty

I made a very unexpected purchase on Monday. It arrived quickly and I'm in love! Just not in love with the price tag. One bag in, three bags out. Sacrafices are sometimes a must.
The Paraty.... already around since a while and doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. The new military style was an interesting twist. I just didn't get the color combos offered. Odd really. But this baby hit the scene and I was like "WHOA!" It would be a dream to get one. Then MyTheresa stocked them. As I didn't think anyone in Europe would offer it, instant pouncing was neccessary. She's a perfect match with the studded Susanna boot and fits my wardrobe perfectly.


Daniela Rodrigues said...

I llove your boots!!

Daniela Rodrigues said...

I love your boots!