What a naughty blogger I am! Actually it's obvious, havn't blogged in a while. Life has such crazy twists and turns. It changes so quickly. So it's made blogging more of an after-thought than a priority.

I'm catching up still from buying and buying and buying. Let's just say my better half wasn't happy with last months credit card bill. But Chloe Alice at 60% off and grabbing one of the last pairs of Balenciaga Ceinture boots offered on Balenciaga's webshop was too tempting to pass up. Above retail on eBay isn't an option. Now add a pair of Balmain jeans from the Outnet yesterday spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. (Hope they fit.)

The Topshop leather jacket purchased last season was one of my best buys, and the Arty in rosegold and deep navy matches the darker shades of my wardrobe well.