Marant pour H&M Stash

 Everything: Isabel Marant pour H&M

One thing that surprised me although it shouldn't have, everything was generously sized. So much so that 2 out of 3 coats didn't fit. I was swimming in them. And they don't come smaller. Although I was in luck, the navy boys coat in a 158 was a perfect fit. Fortunately a navy pea coat was on my wish list this season. 

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Johanna said...

Hi Corin! So nice to hear from you! I feel so bad now, for not keeping in touch... But I hardly have any time on my hands since I started school this fall. I´m studying att the university now, I´m going to be a kindergarten teacher :)
How are you? Are you okey? I missed your blogging but I see you´ve started posting again :)
And you made some great finds from the Isabel Marant collection! I tried to go online, but the site was down for hours and when I finally got through everything was gone... Ah well, maybe some other time.
I just decided to quit blogging. I feel my blog is to open and I feel I can´t write what I want, I don´t know who reads it and there are people I don´t want to read it so... My inspiration is long gone so I think this was the right decision. I´m thinking about starting a new blog though, a smaller and more private one, and if I do I´ll let you know!

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